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What to do when ‘own, don’t trade’ Apple and Nvidia grow into big positions

Apple Inc. MacBook Pro and Air laptops at the new Apple Inc. store inside the Starfield mall during its opening in Hanam, South Korea, on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2023.

SeongJoon Cho | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Here’s our Club Mailbag email [email protected] — so you send your questions directly to Jim Cramer and his team of analysts. We can’t offer personal investing advice. We will only consider more general questions about the investment process or stocks in the portfolio or related industries.

This week’s question: Hi, I have 18 stocks. My top 5 holdings are as follows: Apple (39.89%), Nvidia (16.6%), Eli Lilly (8.2%), Broadcom (7.56%) and Costco (6.76%). The rest have portfolio weightings below 5%.

  • Apple and Nvidia are “own, don’t trade” stocks, so should they be kept as they are, or shrink down?
  • If I have to sell them, is it better to pay less in taxes or keep the cost bases lower? I am really confused when it comes to taking profits.

Thank you. — Jennie (Founding Member)

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