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Tucker Carlson Launches Paid Streaming Service—Here’s What To Know


Tucker Carlson announced a paid streaming service on Saturday that will feature new content from the former Fox News host, following reports that Carlson was forming a new media company after relaunching his show on X.

The platform will feature new content from the ousted Fox News host.

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Key Facts

The Tucker Carlson Network streaming service offers a monthly subscription for $9 or an annual subscription for $72, with some ad-supported content that will be available without a subscription.

The service offers three shows with new episodes each week, including “The Tucker Carlson Encounter,” which will be accessible without a subscription, “Tucker Carlson Uncensored” and “Ask Tucker,” a segment in which Tucker will respond to questions posed by subscribers.

Other shows include “Tucker Carlson Shorts” with new episodes every two weeks and “The Tucker Carlson Interview,” which features interviews by Carlson released each month, while other programming includes behind-the-scenes content from Carlson’s interviews and his speaking tour, the “Sworn Enemy Tour.”

The Tucker Carlson Network will also release full-length films and documentaries through “Tucker Carlson Films.”

Carlson’s company is exploring distributing the service through streaming TV apps and through X, which the Tucker Carlson Network has an advertising deal with, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Carlson will continue posting free content on X and launch “The Tucker Carlson Podcast,” which will feature audio from that content, the Journal reported.

What To Watch For

Carlson is expected to announce additional details about the service during an interview with Megyn Kelly on Monday, according to the Journal.

Key Background

Carlson and former White House advisor Neil Patel were reportedly “seeking to raise funds” for a new media company in July, three months after Carlson was suddenly fired from Fox News. Both Carlson and Patel—who previously launched the right-wing news site the Daily Caller—already had “lined up financiers, lawyers and media strategists” for the venture, the Journal reported. Carlson began airing episodes for a new show on X in early June, which has featured interviews between Carlson and conservative media personalities and politicians, including Alex Jones, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and former President Donald Trump. Fox News sent a cease-and-desist letter to Carlson shortly after the show first launched, according to Axios, after the network argued Carlson was violating his contract.

Surprising Fact

The Russian state-owned network Rossiya 24 advertised a show hosted by Carlson earlier this year, though Carlson denied agreeing to host a show on Russian television. The dubbed “Tucker” show appeared in an advertisement with the tagline “at the weekend,” which seemed to indicate the show would appear on the weekends despite offering no other details. Carlson was also contacted by the Russian state outlet RT, formerly known as Russian Today, which told Carlson “you can always question more” with RT. The Russian state-run outlet Channel One reached out to Carlson in a separate message, urging Carlson to “come join us.”

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