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TikTok launches new tool for improved insight into customer journey

TikTok has launched a new tool to help advertisers better understand campaign performance and user insight.

Attribution Analytics is a first-party measurement solution that analyzes the full customer journey on the social platform, from awareness to action, providing insights into how users make purchases.

Why we care. By having a clearer picture of how customers make purchases, you can identify areas needing improvement, enabling you to create a better user experience and fuel your business growth.

New features. TikTok Ads Manager launched Attribution Analytics with a feature called Performance Comparison. This is a measurement tool that shows conversions over different timeframes, helping advertisers find the right attribution strategy for their business.

TikTok has confirmed that it is planning to release a number of additional features for Attribution Analytics in the coming months, and support other campaign types to give advertisers transparency into their ad impact. This includes:

  • App
  • Offline
  • Shops
  • And more
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Performance Comparison benefits. The Performance Comparison feature is available now on Attribution Analytics and can be used to:

  • Analyze and compare the number of events reported under different attribution windows for key actions like View Content, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchase, and the impact on KPIs like cost per acquisition (CPA).
  • Visualize the change in click-through and view-through conversions as well as your CPA across different combinations of click and view attribution windows.
  • Gain insights beyond current attribution settings to determine future measurement strategy.

Performance Comparison in action. The Performance Comparison tool can also be used to:

  • Find an attribution window that works for your business: Performance Comparison shows how different attribution windows affect key metrics, helping you choose the best window to maximize your campaign’s value.
  • Understand the value of TikTok views in driving conversions: Performance Comparison can assess how well TikTok views lead to view-based conversions. It provides 1-day and 7-day view-through attribution options for comparing your ad’s impact on assisted conversions.
  • Move beyond last-click attribution methods: Click-based conversions alone don’t capture TikTok’s full impact. Performance Comparison data fills this gap by revealing the number of conversions that occur after viewing or clicking an ad, along with the time it takes for these conversions to occur.
  •  Onboard new measurement solutions: Use insights from the Performance Comparison tool to create a comprehensive measurement plan for your TikTok ads. TikTok provides first-party and third-party measurement solutions, allowing you to establish reliable sources of data for assessing your campaign’s performance.

What has TikTok said? Thomas Carter, Senior TikTok Strategist, Power Digital Marketing, said:

  • “Having visibility into extra click-through and view-through event data has made it easier to prove TikTok’s value and scale our clients’ campaigns.”
  • “This tool has allowed them to look beyond a standard last-click window with more confidence.”

Deep dive. Read TikTok’s Attribution Analytics announcement in full for more information.

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