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This Viral Electric Snow Shovel Is Finally Available on Amazon

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YOU DON’T NEED to check your local forecast to know that the weather outside is frightful. In fact, if you don’t have the right outdoor equipment, you might find yourself snowed in for the foreseeable future. But if you aren’t ready to commit to a full-blown snow blower, might we suggest an electric snow shovel? More specifically: Greenworks’s 12-Inch Brushless Snow Shovel. If Costco’s latest viral product has yet to cross your feeds, let us explain how the cold weather essential can kick snow to the curb—literally.

Greenworks 80V 12” Brushless Snow Shovel (LED)

80V 12'' Brushless Snow Shovel (LED)

Greenworks 80V 12” Brushless Snow Shovel (LED)

Powered by an 80-volt Li-ion system, this pick combines everything you love about a basic shovel with a robust snow blower. Simply push this gadget like you would a vacuum—or, you know, an average, non-electric shovel—and the brushless motor system will blow snow out of your way and leave a plowed down pathway behind. In fact, Greenworks says that it can clear snowy areas up to eight inches deep and 12 inches wide.

You admittedly could use a regular shovel, but if you’re looking for an easy and less laborious way to clear your driveway, walkway, or patio, it’s a seasonal essential. Or, as Instagram account Farinella Ottowa wrote, “Anyone who was thinking of getting this from Costco: Do it.”

Plus, with over 600 positive reviews and an Amazon’s Choice badge, the Greenworks Brushless Snow Shovel lives up to the hype and its $249 price tag.“I’ve had this through several storms now, and it’s been really great,” one reviewer said. “It works great for clearing the deck, clearing the walk, and today, I used it to get my car unstuck when the plow hadn’t come yet.” Another commented, “It’s like a trusty steed, ready to charge into battle against the treacherous snowdrifts that threaten to bury us alive.” A third kept their point simple by writing, “This electric snow shovel is unbelievably powerful!”

The catch? Greenworks’s Brushless Snow Shovel is out of stock at Costco—and locating one a physical storefront might be the shopping-equivalent to finding a needle in a SKU-packed haystack. But since this electric snow shovel is available on Amazon, you can save yourself the time and energy—not to mention the stress of having to leave your house in this weather. Take that, Mother Nature!

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