The Voice Cast of Agent Elvis Is Stacked

The Voice Cast of Agent Elvis Is Stacked

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Elvis Presley – Matthew McConaughey

matthew mcconaughey, agent elvis

In a casting choice that makes so much sense the only surprising thing is how long it took for someone to think of it, Matthew McConaughey provides the voice of The King, delivering a vocal performance which will be familiar to anyone who watched Austin Butler (the star of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis) during awards season.


CeCe Ryder – Kaitlin Olson

kaitlin olson

The star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia turns her foul-mouthed comedic talents to animated work here, portraying the special agent who is assigned to work with Elvis on his espionage adventures.


The Commander – Don Cheadle

don cheadle

Voicing the mysterious head of top secret spy agency TCB is no stretch for Don Cheadle, who was one of the original eleven in the Ocean’s franchise, not to mention a recurring fan fave character in the action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he plays War Machine.

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Bobby Ray – Johnny Knoxville

johnny knoxville, bobby ray

Best known for starring in MTV’s hugely popular Jackass for the last 20 years, Knoxville plays Elvis’ best friend, Bobby Ray, who gets drawn into the singer/spy’s dangerous double life.


Bertie – Niecy Nash-Betts

niecy nash

Niecy Nash-Betts plays Bertie, Elvis’ housekeeper at Graceland who also functions as something of a maternal figure throughout the series.


Scatter – Tom Kenny

tom kenny

Elvis’ chimpanzee sidekick is played by an animated TV veteran. Tom Kenny’s resume includes Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Mr. Show, and the titular role in SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Zara – Ego Nwodim

ego nwodim

If the voice of this character sounds familiar, it’s for good reason: Zara is played by Saturday Night Live star Ego Nwodim, who regularly steals scenes on the popular sketch show, most recently with her character “Lisa from Temecula.”


Charles Manson – Fred Armisen

fred armisen

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson is just one of many pop culture figures from the Sixties to appear in Agent Elvis, voiced by SNL and Portlandia star Fred Armisen, who most recently appeared as Uncle Fester in Netflix’s Wednesday.


Timothy Leary – Chris Elliott

chris elliott

Schitt’s Creek star Chris Elliott voices real-life author Timothy Leary, a famous figure in the Sixties setting due to his work in the field of psychedelics.

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Priscilla Presley – Herself

priscilla presley

Bringing some verisimilitude to the wacky, high-octane proceedings is Elvis’ widow, Priscilla Presley, who voices a younger version of herself on the show.

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