The Secret to Giving Great Feedback

The Secret to Giving Great Feedback

September 20, 2023

Some managers give meaningless positive feedback. Others are unreasonably critical. But Kim Scott, cofounder of the executive coaching firm Radical Candor, says good leaders can give honest feedback in the moment—as long as it’s rooted in a strong relationship.

“You want to show that you care personally,” she tells IdeaCast host Curt Nickisch. “Your job as a leader is to paint a picture of what success looks like. You want to show what the possibilities are.”

In this episode, Scott explains the steps that managers can take to challenge their employees more directly, while also communicating empathy. She also offers advice for how to solicit useful feedback on your own work.

Key episode topics include: leadership, business communication, giving feedback, managing people, communication, difficult conversations, developing employees, empathy. 

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