The Rock Shared a Look at His ‘Kickass’ Chest Day Finisher

The Rock Shared a Look at His ‘Kickass’ Chest Day Finisher

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has just posted another look at how he builds and maintains his swole physique, sharing a short training video providing some detail on the routine he uses to finish off his intense chest workouts.

“It’s a bitch but very productive,” he wrote on Instagram, outlining the final superset of his session: 10 to 12 cable flys followed by elevated feet push ups.

Johnson notes in the caption that there is “no need to go heavy here.” He’s getting a really good stretch at the top of each rep, holding and squeezing at peak contraction (making sure to squeeze the shoulder blades when entering that stretch), and taking his pecs through a large range of motion

Slowing down his reps and focusing on lifting lighter weights at a controlled tempo to increase time under tension and achieve the highest quality of eccentric contraction as possible has been a key tenet in Johnson’s training philosophy for some time now. In this clip, each rep takes a good 4-5 seconds total, so the set is long: at a suggested set of 10 to 12 reps, that’s nearly a minute of total time-under-tension.

Not included in the video is the second half of the finisher: Johnson follows up the flys with a pushup variation. The simple pushup is still one of the best ways to target your chest, and Johnson has been using this feet-elevated position for years as part of his chest routine in order to add some extra challenge to the move.

“By elevating his feet, The Rock opens the upper arm angle relative to test, stressing the upper chest and making the move a bit more shoulder-intensive,” explains Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel C.S.C.S. “It’s a smart way to finish out an in-gym chest workout, which is exactly how the Rock seems to use it here.”

Johnson encouraged his followers to try out these moves for themselves in their own chest workouts, saying: “Kick ass and have fun.”

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