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The 6 Best Outdoor TVs for Your Backyard Space, Fully Tested by Experts

Brightest Outdoor TV

Séura Full Sun Series 50-Inch 4K UHD HDR Weatherproof LED Outdoor TV

Full Sun Series 50-Inch 4K UHD HDR Weatherproof LED Outdoor TV

Brightest Outdoor TV

Séura Full Sun Series 50-Inch 4K UHD HDR Weatherproof LED Outdoor TV

  • Extremely bright
  • Crystal clear 4K display
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Built-in fans fend off extreme temps
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy
  • No built-in smart features

Outdoor environments are brutal on TV installations. But as the name implies, Séura’s Full Sun Series outdoor TVs are up to the task. The entry-level 50-inch model boasts a tack-sharp 4K HDR display that’s arguably the best we’ve tested this year. Thanks to a matte, anti-glare screen, it fends off even the harshest sunlight (and distortion and reflections) like a champ, so the picture looks good any time of day. Even at high-noon, our testers noted a perfectly usable picture in almost any type of scene. Blacks and other dark onscreen objects aren’t quite as dark as other models we tested, so the contrast leaves something to be desired.

It lacks a few features—all surprising given this model’s sky-high price tag. Séura leans hard on the best-in-class picture quality here, and skimps on things like built-in speakers and an OS. That means you’ll need a separate sound bar or a pair (or two) of outdoor speakers to really make the most out of this model. The lack of an integrated OS makes this a “dumb TV” that’s dead-simple to setup, but requires a separate device (like a Roku or Firestick) to access your favorite streaming service. It’s not a deal breaker considering the low price of these sticks nowadays, but it is a bit surprising given its eye-popping $8,000 price tag.

The Full Sun series may not be as sleek or feel as next-gen as others in this year’s roundup. But if retina-burning brightness is your main concern, and you don’t mind paying for a picture that is almost guaranteed to never wash out, this is your man. It’s also available in an even beefier 65-inch model if 50 inches isn’t disco enough for you.

What do buyers say? “This outdoor TV I purchased from Seura was great! I have watched TV more outside than I have inside,” said one reviewer.

Outdoor Viewing Full sun
Brightness 2000 nits
Operating Temperature -40°F to 140°F
Weight 104 pounds

Best Midrange Outdoor TV

Samsung 55-inch Class QLED 4K The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor TV

55-inch Class QLED 4K The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Best Midrange Outdoor TV

Samsung 55-inch Class QLED 4K The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Credit: Courtesy of Retailer
  • Extremely bright display
  • Sharp, 4K picture
  • Fast, intuitive operating system
  • Not built for direct-sun installations

Samsung knows a thing or two about great TVs, both indoor and out. Its premium Full Sun The Terrace model is a solid outdoor TV. So it’s no surprise that it’s similarly equipped Partial Sun The Terrace brings many of the same design features to the table. That includes a razor sharp 4K picture, a fast refresh rate, an IP55 rating, and the intuitive, full-featured Samsung Tizen operating system.

With a whopping 2,000+ nit display and a matte, anti-reflective screen coating, it’s more than capable of shedding off sunlight and reflections, though not quite as well as it’s pricier big brother. Still, the colors are rich and vibrant, and the blacks are dark and solid—both of which make for incredible contrast in all but the worst lighting conditions. With a high 120Hz refresh rate and low-input lag, it’s ideal for gaming too. It all runs on Samsung’s fast and intuitive Tizen operating system, which is a favorite among our testers.

The durable housing boasts an IP55 rating, so it’s built to withstand daily wind, rain, and dust—everything up to a legit hurricane perhaps.

It’s hard to find much to complain about with most of Samsung’s outdoor TVs, and The Terrace Partial Sun is no exception. It’s priced right in the sweet spot for premium outdoor TVs—not the cheapest in our roundup, nor the most expensive by a long shot. If you want modern, high-end features in a bright, durable, and affordable package, you could do a lot worse.

What do buyers say? “Bright pixels, low glare, quick software, weather sealed. Very satisfied,” said one Amazon reviewer.

Outdoor Viewing Partial sun
Brightness 2000+ nits
Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F
Weight 64 pounds

Best Compact Outdoor TV

Furrion Aurora 43-inch Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Aurora 43-inch Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Best Compact Outdoor TV

Furrion Aurora 43-inch Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Credit: Courtesy of Retailer
  • Reasonably bright screen
  • Designed for smaller outdoor spaces
  • Very low input lag
  • Great bang-for-your-buck value
  • Lackluster audio
  • Minimum IP rating

If you’re shopping outdoor TVs on a budget or don’t quite have the space for a larger, 55-plus-inch model, Furrion’s Aurora 43-inch might be the solution. The 43-inch model (the smallest in the Aurora series) is purpose-built for compact backyard spaces where space is at a premium.

The 750-nit screen is suited for partial sun environments. We found the color rendering, blacks, and overall contrast to be reasonably good for an outdoor TV at this price point. While it lacks a high-refresh rate, the very low input lag makes this a decent option for gaming as well.

The IP54 rating is lower than most on this list, and is in fact the minimum we recommend for any outdoor TV regardless of where you plan to install it. But it’s good enough for withstanding most typical outdoor environments where light dust, rain showers, and snow are all expected. The operating temperature range is among the narrowest we’ve seen, but we suspect most people aren’t watching much TV in sub-zero temps or in the height of summer in the American Southwest. So that shouldn’t be an issue for average TV watchers.

Although it’ll get the job done, this TV won’t win any tech awards. But its biggest selling points are its compact design (for the 43-inch model) and its rock-bottom price tag at just over $1,000 delivered. Plus, if you’re looking for a more substantial outdoor TV, the Aurora series is also available in 49-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch options.

What do buyers say? “Picture is bright and crisp, TV was very easy to install and operate. Quality is clear as well,” said one Amazon reviewer.

Outdoor Viewing Partial sun
Brightness 750 nits
Operating Temperature 4ºF to 122ºF
IP Rating IP54
Weight ‎37.9 pounds

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Peerless-AV Neptune 55″ 4K UHD HDR Smart IPS LED Outdoor TV

Neptune 55


Peerless-AV Neptune 55″ 4K UHD HDR Smart IPS LED Outdoor TV

  • Vibrant color rendering
  • Decent built-in surround sound audio
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Great price
  • Blacks are almost too black
  • Relatively low brightness

Electronics are rarely great and inexpensive, and outdoor TVs are no exception. But Peerless-AV’s Neptune 55″ Outdoor TV is a surprising mix of both. It’s a rock-solid bang-for-your-buck model that combines a generous screen size, intuitive interface, lightweight design, and unbeatable price.

The IPS screen delivers an incredible picture that’s razor sharp (thanks to its 4K resolution) with bold, rich colors that are well-saturated for all types of viewing, from movies to sports to gaming. It’s better balanced that any other outdoor TV in this price range. The contrast is actually almost “too” good, as some of our testers agreed that the blacks provide a sharp contrast that makes some scenes feel artificial. Still, fast-moving scenes (like sports and action movies) are beautifully rendered with incredible accuracy.

We love the built-in LG WebOS smart TV interface. It’s among the easiest to use and most full-featured of any we’ve tested this year. All of the major streaming services are supported (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Youtube, HBO max, and more), plus cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce NOW. The included Neptune “Magic” remote makes navigating all of the on-screen content a snap.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the two built-in 8-watt surround sound speakers that deliver far better audio that any $2,300 outdoor TV should.

Our only real gripe is the relatively low 500-nit brightness. That means this “partial sun” model is best suited for outdoor spaces away from harsh sunlight or reflections. But if you’re cool with placing it in a shady-ish space (above an outdoor bar, for example), it’s hard to beat the all-around value this outdoor TV provides.

What do buyers say? “Purchased this TV for my outdoor patio and the quality of picture and sound is amazing! You do not need a sound bar as the sound is loud and clear even in the lower volume options. Picture quality is also great even in the middle of the day,” said one reviewer.

Outdoor Viewing Partial Sun
Brightness 500 nits
Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F
Weight 38 pounds

Best Budget Outdoor TV

Element Electronics 55″ 4K UHD Partial Sun Outdoor Roku Smart TV


Best Budget Outdoor TV

Element Electronics 55″ 4K UHD Partial Sun Outdoor Roku Smart TV

Now 23% Off

Credit: Courtesy of Retailer
  • Great price
  • Bright 4K display
  • Seamless, intuitive Roku interface
  • A little heavy
  • Clunky bezel

Outdoor TVs don’t often come cheap. Even most decent models run north of $2,000. Element Electronics’ 55″ 4K Smart TV bucks that trend with a solid option that offers many of the features of more premium models at less than half the price.

It’s a legit 4K display with crisp resolution and decent contrast and color rendering, especially for an outdoor TV in this price range. With a 700-nit brightness level, we found it to be surprisingly bright, standing up to partial sun with few issues. Details on our test display were reasonably sharp and clear. If we’re nit-picking (get it?), blacks tend to lean more toward dark gray and colors are slightly warmer (yellow) than some of our best alternatives.

The design—the bezel, in particular—is bulkier than most, which makes it feel more dated than it is. It does, however, feel well-built with solid weather resistance.

We love the built-in Roku interface with the brand’s familiar and ultra-intuitive interface. The included Roku remote makes accessing virtually any channel or option quick and easy with just a few clicks.

Bottom line: This isn’t the sleekest, the lightest, or the most full-featured outdoor TV. In fact, it feels squarely midrange, especially when compared to more premium (and pricier) models from Samsung and Séura. But if you’re willing to forego a best-in-class display and a few nice-to-have features, this 55-incher delivers solid performance at a rock-bottom price.

What do buyers say? “Love my outdoor TV. I am so happy to have an affordable outdoor TV option,” said one Walmart reviewer.

Outdoor Viewing Partial sun
Brightness 700 nits
Operating Temperature -4°F to 104°F
Weight 72 pounds

Best Outdoor TV for Fast Action

SunBriteTV Veranda 3 Series 55-inch Full Shade Smart Outdoor TV

Veranda 3 Series 55-inch Full Shade Smart Outdoor TV

Best Outdoor TV for Fast Action

SunBriteTV Veranda 3 Series 55-inch Full Shade Smart Outdoor TV

Credit: Courtesy of Retailer
  • Beautiful 4K UHD display
  • High refresh rate for action, sports, and gaming
  • Integrated Android TV Smarts
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Lackluster bright-light performance
  • Speakers could be better

If you’re looking for something more than a sub-$2,000 budget-friendly pick has to offer but aren’t ready to splash out on a $7K+ model like the Séura above, SunBriteTV’s Veranda 3 Series is the trick. It’s a solid midrange option that punches well above its weight class at a relatively reasonable price.

Its biggest selling point is the long list of display tech features, including things like Dolby Vision support, local zone dimming, and Quantum Dot colors. Combined with the bright 4K screen, these all make for a beautiful picture. Plus, the high 120Hz refresh rate is perfect for buttery smooth fast-action watching, including sports, action movies, and, most importantly, gaming.

To be sure, this is still a partial sun outdoor TV, so the picture suffers in direct sun. But, if installed in a partial sun location as it’s design for, it’s a fantastic option. Colors and blacks are accurate and well-rendered.

It all runs on Google’s Android TV OS which is easy to setup and intuitive to use. It also makes for easy expansion and integration with smart features like Google Assistant and Chromecast sharing. Plus, you can customize the unit even more with apps from the Google Play store.

All of this is wrapped up in a sleek, lightweight design. At less than 50 pounds, it’s surprisingly portable for a 55-inch outdoor TV. That makes it easy to move around your backyard space, if desired. On a comfortable, dry night, you can, for example, take it from underneath a gazebo and set it up in your patio lounge space.

At less than $3,000, it’s hard to find much to complain about with this outdoor TV. Our only minor gripe is that the speakers could be better. They’re passable for casual watching, but you’ll likely want to hook up a sound bar or dedicated surround sound system to get the most out of this one.

What do buyers say? “This TV has surpassed all my expectations!!! The clarity is better than my Samsung, sound is excellent and very loud, and the apps work great!” said one Amazon reviewer.

Outdoor Viewing Partial sun
Brightness 1,000 nits
Operating Temperature -24°F to 104°F
Weight 47 pounds

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How to Shop for the Best Outdoor TVs

horizontal black line

Beyond the usual things to consider when shopping for regular indoor televisions, these are the most critical considerations when looking for the best outdoor TV for your backyard space.

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating

IP rating is a universal standard for measuring a product’s durability. The rating is a two-digit code, with the first digit representing its protection against dust and other solid particles (on a scale from 0-6) and the second digit representing its resistance to liquids (from 0-9). The higher the numbers, the better. (You can find a full technical chart here.)

Where you plan to install your outdoor TV will dictate the minimum IP rating you’ll want to look for. No matter what, we recommend a minimum IP rating of at least IP54. The first digit (“5”) indicating that such TVs are “protected from limited dust ingress,” while the “4” indicates that they’re “protected from water spray from any direction” without compromising functionality.


Most outdoor TVs are rated for three levels of brightness: Full sun, partial sun, or full shade. As the name indicates, “full sun” models are designed to be placed under direct sunlight in the harshest lighting conditions. They typically feature an anti-glare screen and a high nit count (a standard unit for measuring brightness). “Partial sun” models are a bit less bright and do better out of direct sunlight. “Full-shade” models are the least hearty of all outdoor TVs, and are meant to be installed away from sunlight. Think: Under a gazebo or outdoor bar.

You might be tempted to buy the brightest model you can afford. If you have the means and are willing to splash out on a luxe high-end model, by all means. But you can save a bit by only shopping models with a rating that suits your installation needs. No need to “over buy,” right?


If you’re planning to mount your outdoor TV on a wall (rather than simply using a stand), consider the weight of any potential models. Make sure that the installation backing surface and mounting kit are strong enough to support the new TV.

Operating Temperature

Most outdoor TVs—especially the best outdoor TVs—are durable enough to work in a wide range of operating temperatures, from well below freezing up to 140°F or higher. So, freezing overnight temps (in, say, Minnesota) and baking midday highs (in Phoenix perhaps) probably won’t be an issue. But if you happen to live in an area with extreme weather, double-check that whatever model you’re shopping for can withstand those temps.

How We Selected the Best Outdoor TVs of 2023


We researched, personally tested, and compared dozens of outdoor TVs over the last few months. Every last feature and spec—including IP rating (i.e., “weatherproofedness”), picture quality, brightness, overall features, ease of setup, design, and price—was carefully evaluated. We also consulted legit reviews on the retailers we trust most (namely Amazon and Walmart) to find what buyers thought of the best-reviewed models. The final list above represents our honest picks for the absolute best outdoor TVs worth buying in 2023.

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