Silo Season 1 Offers 10 Episodes of a Gripping Sci-Fi Murder Mystery

Silo Season 1 Offers 10 Episodes of a Gripping Sci-Fi Murder Mystery

If there’s one genre of television that’s always fun to watch, it’s science-fiction. Stranger Things, Dark, Westworld; there’s no shortage of good (and bad) television all about futuristic technology and how humans deal with a new reality. And if any streamer is dedicated to making a successful science-fiction, it’s Apple TV+. The platform has already had success in the genre, producing series like See, Severance, and Foundation. Now, Apple TV+ is premiering a new show called Silo.

Based on a book series of the same name from author Hugh Howey, Silo is set in a toxic dystopia, where to survive, a community lives in a huge silo and must follow rigid regulations. The show boasts a stacked cast including Rebecca Ferguson, Rashida Jones, Common, and David Oyelowo.

Silo has had some form of an adaptation in the works since 2012, according to Deadline. Reviews are starting to trickle in for the show and it sounds like Silo is an strong new entry in Apple’s catalogue. It’s also a murder mystery, but that doesn’t mean the science-fiction setting fades to the background, as the San Francisco Chronicle notes the show simultaneously has its characters question the origins of their situation. Who built the silo? Why are any of the rules about the silo in place? Is there really a toxic wasteland outside?

So if a science-fiction murder mystery set in a toxic wasteland is your thing, we’ve got everything you need to know about when Silo premieres and how to watch it.

When is the next episode of Silo Season 1 coming out?

The third episode of Silo premieres on May 12, 2023. Each episode will appear on Fridays on Apple TV+ at midnight Eastern Time.

How many episodes of Silo Season 1 are left?

There are 8 episodes left in Season 1 of Silo. The first season will be 10 episodes total.

Stream Silo Season 1 Here

Here’s the complete release schedule for Silo Season 1.

Episode 1: Now streaming as of May 5, 2023

Episode 2: Now streaming as of May 5, 2023

Episode 3: Streaming on May 12, 2023

Episode 4: Streaming on May 19, 2023

Episode 5: Streaming on May 26, 2023

Episode 6: Streaming on June 2, 2023

Episode 7: Streaming on June 9, 2023

Episode 8: Streaming on June 16, 2023

Episode 9: Streaming on June 23, 2023

Episode 10: Streaming on June 30, 2023

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