Roundup: Medusa ransomware hit Philippine state insurer and more briefs

Roundup: Medusa ransomware hit Philippine state insurer and more briefs

Philippine state insurer temporarily shuts ransomware-hit IT system

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation has recently reported a cyberattack on its IT system. 

A news report noted that the attack, which was carried out on the morning of 22 September, was a Medusa ransomware. 

The state insurer has yet to report which parts of its IT systems have been affected but it is currently probing the extent of the attack while implementing containment measures, such as temporarily shutting breached systems. PhilHealth currently has 65 million active contributors.

Revised medical data standards in South Korea enable interoperability

The South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare has revised its health data terminology standards to introduce new standards in data exchange.

The newly-renamed Health and Medical Data Terminology and Transmission Standards reflect stipulations on exchanging medical information between IT systems.  

In the revised standards, the previously classified 14 types of core health information, which include patient information, medical institution information, and hospital visit information, were further broken down into 77 items. 

These items of core information can now be exchanged based on FHIR standards as transmission technology specifications and computer program codes have also been redefined.

Korea Medical Institute enters partnership for AI ECG screening

Korea Medical Institute is collaborating with Daewoong Pharmaceutical to promote AI-powered diagnosis of heart conditions. 

Based on a press statement, they intend to introduce a new system for detecting arrhythmia and heart failure using AI by January next year. 

The system includes Sears Technology’s ECG solution mobiCARE and the AI-based ECG analysis software AiTiA LVSD by Medical AI, which Daewoong Pharmaceutical is delivering to KMI’s diagnostic centres.

Medical Cobotics Centre opens in India

The Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology in Delhi, India has recently opened its new Medical Cobotics Centre (MCC). 

According to a press release, the MCC, funded by the Department of Science and Technology, will serve as a medical simulation and training facility for doctors, paramedics, technicians, engineers, biomedical researchers, and entrepreneurs. 

It will also enable medical research and development in healthcare robotics and digital health, acting as a test site for startups’ new medical technologies.

National Cancer Centre Singapore, Agilent to conduct genomic study on Asian cancers

The National Cancer Centre Singapore has inked a research collaboration deal with Agilent Technologies to study the genomic landscape of Asian-prevalent cancers.

Over the next two years, the partners will investigate details specific to Asian cancer cohorts using Agilent’s Magnis Next-Generation Sequencing Preparation System, which simplifies an assay of multiple genes and complex genetic aberrations. 

Based on a press statement, they will focus on identifying tumour genomes and utilising genomic data in patient care “to transform clinical trials and diagnostics in oncology.”

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