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Roblox Fashion Revolution: DRESSX and Mackenzie Turner’s Stylish Collaboration

DRESSX has joined forces with popular YouTube and TikTok personality Mackenzie Turner to shake up Roblox fashion! Significantly, the DRESSX Mackenzie collection features three items available in three colour variations. Let’s dive in!


  • DRESSX partners with popular Roblox YouTuber Mackenzie Turner to launch an exclusive digital fashion collection on Roblox.
  • The collection includes a cotton candy bomber jacket, heart-shaped bag, and ‘Cuties’ necklace.
  • Leveraging Roblox’s Layered Clothing technology, the clothing pieces are hyper-realistic and fit any avatar’s body type.

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DRESSX x Mackenzie Turner: Exclusive Digital Fashion Collection on Roblox

The largest meta fashion retailer, DRESSX, has partnered with Mackenzie Turner, who has a million subscribers, to introduce an exclusive digital fashion collection on Roblox. The collection consists of three new items: a cotton candy bomber jacket, a heart-shaped bag, and a ‘Cuties’ necklace.

Markedly, these fashion pieces leverage Roblox’s innovative Layered Clothing technology, which enables hyper-realistic and inclusive 3D clothing that fits any avatar’s body type. In addition, DRESSX is offering a limited number of free ‘Cuties’ studded water bottle accessories.

Known for her popular YouTube videos featuring Roblox gameplay, Mackenzie Turner brings a vibrant and unique touch to the DRESSX fashion collection on Roblox. With her distinctive style and eccentric personality, she introduces eye-catching pink, purple, and blue items that reflect her own style.

Since launching her Roblox-focused YouTube channel in 2020, Mackenzie has amassed over 1.8 million subscribers. Additionally, millions more are following her across various social media platforms. She has also found success with her merchandise line, ‘Hey Cuties.’

Now, in collaboration with DRESSX, Mackenzie brings her iconic looks to the metaverse. Thus, allowing her fans and followers to dress up in her signature fashion sense within Roblox. The DRESSX Mackenzie collection is available for purchase in the Roblox Avatar Shop. Notably, it can be worn across all experiences on the platform.

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