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Reacher Season 2 Ends With Explosive Action

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REACHER SEASON 2 has officially come to an end. If Season 1 felt action-packed for audiences, Season 2 somehow managed to ramp it up even more. Reacher’s first case focused on the town of Margrave, Georgia, where corruption ran rampant. But Season 2 gets personal for the nomadic investigator, which means the deaths hit harder, and the stakes get higher.

Over the course of eight episodes, we’ve seen Reacher, along with his former colleagues, work to track down who’s killing members of their former team. They travel to Atlantic City, where the group discovers even more of their team is dead, and an NYPD officer is tailing them. All their investigations then lead the team to a New York company called New Age Technologies, which is involved in a major illegal arms deal worth $65 million.

This leads to a tense confrontation. Reacher surrenders himself to Shane Langston, the head of security for New Age, to attempt to save his colleagues Dixon and O’Donnell. In the intense scuffle, Reacher fights a group of men with his hands tied, runs through glass, and breaks out of handcuffs. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a watch.

Whether you’ve already binged the entire season and need a little clarification, or just want to see what the hype is all about when it comes to Reacher, we’ve got a recap of how Season 2’s complex and mysterious premise ended. All the major questions you may have about who survived, and what clues we have for Season 3 are answered below.

Here’s how Reacher Season 2 Episode 8, “Fly Boy,” ended.

How did Reacher Season 2 Episode 8 end?

a man in a black jacket bloodied and holding onto a helicopter

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Reacher and Neagley team up and go up against Langston and his men while Dixon and O’Donnell watch on helplessly. The pair do an impressive job of taking down Langston’s men (considering how skilled Reacher is, it’s not surprising).

Is Swan really dead?

Yes – but Langston still manages to find a use for him. Langston reveals he kept Swan’s eyeball and finger for scans, put his name on various documents, and worked to leave a trail that would implicate Reacher’s former teammate as the mastermind of the entire illegal deal.

Yikes. But, of course, there’s no way Reacher is going to let that slide.

Did Reacher’s team survive the helicopter ride?

Barely! Reacher grabs onto Langston’s getaway helicopter, which also contains Dixon and O’Donnell, who are strapped to stretchers. Reacher uses the backdoor to climb into the helicopter, just as Langston prepares to push his friends to their deaths.

The two fight, and in the meantime, Dixon manages to free herself. Reacher throws Langston out of the plane, and the main adversary of the season is no more.

The group then meets “AM,” the person who was supposed to meet Langston as the middleman in the arms deal. Reacher, Neagley, O’Donnell, and Dixon gun the man down after he tries to talk his way out of trouble.

As for the pilot of the copter and engineer who has the information on how to arm the weapons fly off (relieved in thinking Reacher has let them go free), Neagley loads one of the missiles and fires it at the helicopter, killing both of them.

Homeland Security then comes and arrests Lavoy and his team.

What happened to the $65 million?

Reacher tells Homeland Security he has no idea where the money is…but we later see he has the briefcase.

The money is secretly distributed between Swan’s family, the brother of Officer Russo, who died helping the team, and the families of Neagley, O’Donnell, and Dixon.

The remaining four team members then all meet at a beach, pose for a photo, and remember their fallen teammates. Dixon then sees Reacher off to the bus station. When another passenger asks where he’s going, Reacher replies, “No idea.”

That doesn’t give us many clues into Season 3, but it’s a solid end to a great season.

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