Pokémon’s biggest Worlds side-tournament just got canceled without warning

Pokémon’s biggest Worlds side-tournament just got canceled without warning

Event organizers Play! Pokémon has canceled one of the biggest 2023 Pokémon World Championships side tournaments in Yokohama, Japan just three weeks out from the event-filled weekend.

Play! Pokémon broke the bad news to fans on July 20, saying the Yokohama Open has been canceled. So far, no explanation has been given.

The Yokohama Open was set to be the biggest side event at Worlds for Scarlet and Violet VGC and TCG players. Whether players were looking for something to do after being eliminated from Worlds or they just wanted to get an early start on racking up precious Championship Points (CP) for the 2024 season, this event would’ve been treated as a regional tournament—the same level as the biggest Pokémon tournament of all time.

Regretfully, the decision has been made to cancel the Yokohama Open. Please look forward to participating in fun side events and activities throughout Worlds weekend.

— Play Pokémon (@playpokemon) July 20, 2023

To no one’s surprise, players were outraged and disappointed by the sudden cancelation. Many had already booked flights and accommodations to Japan with the intention of competing in the Yokohama Open, and traveling to Japan certainly isn’;’t cheap.

I know so many people who booked their Japan flight to kickstart their season with the Open, announcing this so late after all flights are booked and such is genuinely ridiculous and unacceptable decision from pokemon company imo, what the genuine fuck https://t.co/D3rlxtlQkW

— Brian Youm 🛫 Worlds (@Playmaker708) July 20, 2023

Others suggested, after the cancelation, that it already feels like Worlds has been ruined. On top of this event removal, we’ve already seen players being stripped of invitations and top Korean players being disqualified and banned from their circuit too. Canceling the Yokohama Open was just another mishap to add to the growing list.

Players previously vowed to continue vocalizing their frustrations to The Pokémon Company at Worlds regarding the unfair structure of the circuits in Asia, and this sudden cancelation certainly isn’t easing the tension.

Perhaps there was a good reason why the Pokémon event had to be canceled, but until we get an answer, fans have every right to be upset.

Dot Esports has reached out for details and has not yet heard back.

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