Overwatch 2 player interest is rapidly declining and Blizzard knows it

Overwatch 2 player interest is rapidly declining and Blizzard knows it

Overwatch 2’s engagement and player interest have continued to nosedive early on this year though Blizzard, who shared the information with investors today, doesn’t seem to be pressing the panic button just yet.

The hero shooter sequel has reportedly bounced back from a drop in April, with stat tracking site ActivePlayer.io suggesting the monthly Overwatch 2 player base grew one and then eight percent in May and June respectively, to around 1,900,00 daily players.

But, internal findings from the devs have uncovered a trend; most players logging into Overwatch have lost investment and are no longer engaging.

Part of the reason can be found in Blizzard’s PvE plans. The free mode was one of the biggest selling points for the Overwatch sequel, but after months of delays, the project was scrapped entirely, leading to waves of backlash.

In response, Blizzard says it is relying on Overwatch 2’s impending August ‘Invasion’ update to players back. The update, which will add new PvE story missions, a new hero progression feature and a totally new hero, and more modes, should be the spark needed to reignite the fandom, they explained in a review on July 20.

Kiriko Overwatch 2 skin
More and more Overwatch fanatics are checking out of the hero shooter’s world. Image via Blizzard

The Invasion mode, which will cost around $15 USD, is a far cry from Overwatch 2’s original PvE plans, but Blizzard is optimistic. The company added the whole Overwatch team is looking forward to its release, with everyone involved expecting it will lead to a course correction.

This news also coincides with the gaming giant rethinking its Overwatch League endeavors as it enters the third financial quarter.

Elsewhere in the Blizzard vault, Diablo 4 has given the developers solid footing heading into the remainder of the year. The sequel has helped bring Blizzard revenue to over 160 percent year-on-year, breaking records in the process. Diablo 4 had over 10 million play in June alone, with 700 million hours clocked up.

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There have also been major successes in Call of Duty land, with Modern Warfare 2’s third season three the highest-grossing to date.

Whether Overwatch can climb back to similar heights remains to be seen, but Blizzard certainly seems sure it can bring disgruntled gamers back soon enough.

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