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Now Boarding: Why is boarding an airplane so difficult?

Santa Ana, CA – May 26: An airplane prepares to be loaded as passengers make their way to their gates during the Memorial Day weekend getaway at John Wayne Airport Orange County in John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, CA on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

Allen J. Schaben | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

“Now Boarding” is a videocast about air travel and the business of flying. CNBC airlines reporter Leslie Josephs and CNBC senior producer Erin Black delve into topics like turbulence, airline status, boarding, jumbo jets and all things aviation. Watch this episode and others on CNBC’s YouTube channel.

On this episode of “Now Boarding,” Leslie and Erin discuss why airplane boarding can be so complicated and what airlines are doing to make it faster. They talk to Steve Goldberg, Southwest Airlines senior vice president, operations and hospitality, about the carrier’s unique boarding process and its experiments to make boarding more efficient. They also speak to Kerry Philipovitch, former senior vice president of customer experience at American Airlines, about the reasons behind all the different boarding groups and ways to make getting on a plane quicker.

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