Morgana is getting some of her LoL power back—and it won’t just help supports

Morgana is getting some of her LoL power back—and it won’t just help supports

One of League of Legends’ most notorious crowd control champions has fallen out of the meta due to the clunkiness of her kit—so Riot Games is stepping in to offer her a bit of help.

Riot August, lead champion designer in League, revealed on Twitter the development team is testing a handful of buffs to Morgana which are aimed at making her ultimate a better tool at all points of the game.

Among these buffs is also a small increase to her poke power—particularly to jungle monsters—which may encourage players to bring the Fallen outside of support again.

Testing some Morgana buffs. Focusing on making R stronger but increasing E downtime

AP ratio: 14% > 17%
Monster damage: 155% > 165%

CD: 24-16 > 26-16

MS: 5-55% towards enemies > 10-60% all directions
Stun duration: 1.5 > 1.5/1.75/2
Damage: 150-300(.7 AP) >175-325(.8 AP)

— August (@RiotAugust) October 2, 2023

These League buffs, which do not yet have a release date to live servers and are expected to remain in testing on the PBE for some time, include substantial changes to Morgana’s ultimate—an ability that, while powerful, is rather hard to use for a champion that prefers being at long range. When using the ability, Morgana will now gain ten to 60 percent movement speed in all directions, while also stunning longer and dealing more damage at later ranks.

In compensation, Riot is experimenting with an increased cooldown for Morgana’s E, Black Shield, at early levels to ensure she isn’t spamming the ability, but rather using it skillfully to protect herself or an ally. The cooldown at later ranks is expected to remain unchanged.

August also noted Morgana’s W, her main source of poking enemies in lane as a support, will get a substantial increase to its ability power ratio from 14 percent to 17 percent. However, this may be more impactful to players who opt to bring Morgana into the jungle, as her W will also now deal ten-percent more damage to monsters than it did to this point.

Morgana has appeared as a popular League jungle pick within the past several years, though the overturning of her W—which led to quick jungle clears and early roams—ultimately caused Riot to pull back on her off-role potential.

As of now, it is not yet clear if these buffs to Morgana will ship with Patch 13.20 on Oct. 11, or if they will remain in testing for an extended period of time. It is also possible these numbers may be tuned in some capacity before they are pushed to live servers, particularly if Morgana begins to overperform in either support or jungle.

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