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Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, February 2024

You’re gaining a better understanding of your city and its people during Aquarius season, which began on January 20. During this period the sun moves through your chart’s house of communication, tuning you into your ideas and the ways you express them.

Make some time to space out as messenger Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune on February 2. Talk about your ideal living situation, and what you can afford. You might be interested in using your budget to turn your living space or office into a meditation room, or a place where you’d like to dazzle your visitors.

Be a tourist in your own town when Mercury enters air sign Aquarius on February 5. While bopping around town during this transit, you might just meet someone like-minded with a similar life direction! The transit will last a few weeks, but it starts with shadow work as messenger Mercury meets Pluto, the planet of secrets, on February 5. You’re working out your own mental hang-ups and fixations. Find names for your feelings on this day.

Thinking outside of the box can be materially rewarding when love planet Venus harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of surprises, on February 7. You can reap the benefits of alternative lifestyle choices. The weirder your work or the more innovative your exercise routine, the better!

You might find yourself motivated to invest your time, energy, and money into something artistic or creative when action planet Mars connects with dreamy Neptune, also on February 7. On this day, you’re chasing after a dream, putting your money where your mouth is! You might be moving forward with your dream home.

You’re finding ways to bring order to disruptions in your health and lifestyle on February 8 as the sun squares off with Uranus, the planet of surprises. You’re willing to try a different approach to forces that can’t be tamed. You’re extra likely to come across new ideas on this day, since it also brings the new moon in Aquarius. Like the sun, the new moon squares off with Uranus, so you’re coming up with inventive or offbeat ideas to combat the unexpected.

Although you’re set in your ways and loyal to your work, on a pretty determined path, some details of the plan are changing as Mercury clashes with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, on February 10. A new strategy or perspective to your work and health unfolds, because you feel and think differently now.

You might get into more heated discussions when warrior Mars enters Aquarius on February 13, bringing some zealous spice to your chart’s house of communication. This could also bring extra life to your social battery, and more energy to bop around town over the coming weeks. You could make your home the perfect place to express your feelings and desires as Venus connects with Neptune on February 13, bringing whimsical, romantic vibes.

Try not to take your words or ideas too far on February 14 when Mars meets with Pluto, which could find you more aggressive or forceful with your language. It’s best to take the high road on this day, or perhaps bite your tongue until the dust settles, since disagreements can easily get blown out of proportion around this transit.

If anything happens, damage control arrives soon after as Venus enters Aquarius on February 16, smoothing over the rough edges and helping you to make peace. Still, you may encounter shocking conversations or news when Mercury clashes with Uranus, also on February 16. Try to channel your wildest ideas into a notebook! You can creatively solve problems or invent something totally new when faced with a situation that no one has ever been in before.

Relationships are intensified on February 17 as Venus meets with powerful Pluto. Be like a detective of your emotions: Record your feelings, and other data surrounding them like your sleep, health, where you are, and who you’re with. This is the first time in your lifetime experiencing this transit—a new way of deep sea emotional research begins.

Pisces season begins on February 19, which activates your chart’s house of home and family. During the next month, you’ll be focusing on your private life and how it makes you who you are. You might become more interested in your sleep hygiene and bringing order to your home.

You’re determined to connect with your friends, neighbors, or siblings, when Venus meets with Mars on February 22. A passion is ignited in you, and you’re craving more niche knowledge.

New appliances or tech may come to your home as mechanical Mercury enters your chart’s house of home and family on February 23: This is a useful transit for gathering information from your family members about family history and ancestry. During this time, try to get your hands on photo albums and home videos.

On February 24, there’s a full moon in Virgo, illuminating your chart’s house of fame and public reputation, as it does every year. Your title and legacy are revealed and defined during this full moon. You’re feeling pretty positive about yourself on February 24, when Venus squares off with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, giving you a positive mental attitude and feelings of kinship!

You’re getting gassed up on February 27 as Mars clashes with Jupiter: You have extra motivation, confidence, and determination to make your work happen. Pace and hydrate yourself—while the energy is high, you might end up overextending yourself or overstretching!

News about your home and family arrives on February 28, when Mercury meets with the sun, revealing information. You might feel like holding your cards close to your chest on this day since Mercury also mingles with serious Saturn, signifying secrets, disclosures, and private details. Although there are taboos being discussed at home, you’re approaching them with honesty, integrity, and respect as the sun meets with Saturn.

You’re tapping into your silly side on February 29, when Mercury connects with Jupiter, bringing friendship and comedic relief after a sobering reality check. You’ll be able to joke about it.

Good luck, Sagittarius, see you in March!

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