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Kanye West Served Sushi Off Naked Women at His 46th Birthday Party, and Fans Aren’t Happy

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Kanye West celebrated his 46th birthday earlier this week the only way the controversial rapper knows how…by upsetting the internet.

The June 10 bash—which included celeb guests Chlöe Bailey, Ty Dolla $ign, and Freddie Gibbs—featured a luxe selection of sushi and sashimi. The only problem with said menu? It was displayed on naked women.

According to a series of photos and videos shared to social media, West’s party included the Japanese practice, nyotaimori. It’s often referred to as “body sushi” (for obvious reasons) and involves women working as literal serving trays. Misogynistic, we know! So does the internet!

A tweet from @DailyLoud on the scandal garnered a whopping 22.5 million views, 93k likes, and over 7k replies.

Fans were up in arms over the incident and took to Twitter with their outrage, writing, “treating a human woman like a plate is kinda misogynistic big dog.” Another critic chimed in, calling it “the grossest display of misogyny ever. Gluttonous misogyny.”

“In what WORLD is treating women like objects for male consumption (literally) not misogyny?” a third person argued.

Twitter users were equally concerned about how safe it was to actually eat raw fish served…on a person. “ItS cALlEd nYotAiMoRi. It’s called unsanitary, but whatever man do what ya want,” one user commented.

While the ordeal caused its fair share of drama all on its own, here’s the real kicker that sent fans over the edge: West’s 9-year-old daughter North was in attendance, too. Kanye and Kardashian’s eldest was spotted strolling into the event hand-in-hand with the “Pablo” rapper’s new wife, Bianca Censori.

Now, West is hardly a stranger to controversy. The Yeezy founder came under heat last year over antisemitic comments and conspiracies—which he shared both in media interviews and on social media—while also shocking the public with “White Lives Matter” shirts at Paris Fashion Week just this past October, The Independent reports. The very public scandals have cost him several collaborations, including work with Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga.

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