Is Bonne Maman’s New Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Better Than Nutella?

Is Bonne Maman’s New Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Better Than Nutella?

Welcome to What’s New, our column where we round up the latest in food products, beverages, and kitchen and cooking tools.

Flavor-packed instant noodles from Omsom, the latest version of Our Place’s Always Pan, and a new chocolate hazelnut spread that’ll make you forget about Nutella. These are just a few of the things we’re most excited about with this month’s installment of What’s New. As a reminder, some of these items we’ve tried, but some are so new that we haven’t gotten our sweaty little hands on them yet. Regardless, all of the products mentioned are from brands that we know and love. Whether you’re in search of a gift for your favorite dinner party host or you just like to keep your pantry on trend, consider this a timely shopping guide.

Omsom Saucy Noodles

Omsom burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with their “starters,” packets of seasoning that offer shortcuts to classic Asian dishes like sisig, bulgogi, and larb. For nights when even a shortcut is too long, there are their new saucy instant noodles. Each flavor is a take on a different dish, like khao soi or dan dan noodles, from China, Thailand, or Vietnam and comes together in little more time than it takes to boil water. —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, senior commerce editor

The Omsom Saucy Noodle Sampler

Caraway Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers live on a spectrum. On one end there are jars and canisters that are prone to leak and permanently stain. On the other end, there are containers like the ones in Caraway’s ceramic-coated glass food storage set, which are leak-proof, stain-resistant, and microwave- and oven-safe. The seals are tight, and the containers have heft. Now, you can purchase each of those Caraway vessels (a large container, medium container, small container, and meal prep inserts) separately with their new À La Carte line. The pieces are available in various colors including cream, sage, navy, and “perracotta.” —Tiffany Hopkins, commerce writer

Caraway Medium Food Storage Container

​​Bonne Maman Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

If palm oil is what’s standing between you and a slice of chocolate hazelnutty slicked toast, you’re in luck: Bonne Maman has released a Nutella competitor that substitutes sunflower and rapeseed oils for palm. And it is terrific. I’ve been eating it on homemade sourdough pre-spackled with salted French butter. Also acceptable: straight out of the jar. —M.C.F.

Hazelnut Chocolate Twin Set with Spreader

Our Place Always Pan 2.0

Three years after its launch, the Always Pan from Our Place gets an upgrade. It keeps the original design, signature colors, and multifunctional approach, but it can now be used in ten different ways, as opposed to eight—you can use this one for roasting and baking. A few of the biggest changes: a Thermakind ceramic coating that Our Place says lasts 50% longer, an aluminum core that’s made from 100% certified post-consumer waste, and oven-safe (up to 450 degrees) capabilities. Find the Always Pan 2.0 in colors like spice, steam, char, and lavender. —T.H.

Always Pan 2.0

New Ghia

In my opinion, Ghia is one of the best nonalcoholic drink options on the market. I stock their canned Le Spritzes at home for a no-ABV apéritif that I can simply crack and serve, but they also make a bottled concentrate that can be mixed into cocktails (or simply cut with seltzer). They recently tweaked their formula, swapping out fig concentrate for date, plum, and rhubarb root and further concentrating the liquid so that each bottle stretches further—for 17 servings, to be exact. —M.C.F.

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Apéritif

Vans x Haribo Collaboration

I’m a sucker for a good fashion-and-food drop, and the new Vans x Haribo collab might just be my fave. The collection mashes up the brightly-colored world of Haribo with iconic Vans styles for both kids and adults. The kicks—including the Old Skool V in Yellow, which features a patent synthetic upper embossed with checkerboard gummy bears—are cool, but I’ve mostly got my eyes on the crew socks and pullover fleece hoodies. —T.H.

Vans X Haribo Collaboration

Scout Seafood Snacks

If you’ve been looking for a convenient way to eat tuna salad at your desk—or, god forbid, on the subway or an airplane—Scout’s new Seafood Snacks might be right up your alley. Each serving contains a can of traceable, wild yellowfin tuna packed in olive oil, plus a seasoning packet that adds both flavor and texture. Select from peanutty chili crisp, za’atar with roasted chickpeas, or pepita and corn nut-packed chile jalapeño. —M.C.F.

Scout Seafood Snacks Variety 6-Pack

W&P Reusable Stretch Lids

Kicking my single-use plastic habit has been a process, one I’m still trying to implement. So the new W&P Reusable Stretch lids are very much speaking to me. They’re made to replace plastic cling wrap, and they can go places similar products cannot—like the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. I like the fact that they come in lots of sizes to seal everything from tin cans to mason jars to ceramic serving bowls. The set of Baking Lids even includes variations for loaf pans, brownie pans, and casserole dishes. —T.H.

Reusable Stretch Lids

Alaya Golden Tippy Tea

Alaya carefully sources its loose leaf teas from organic farms in India, from the nutty Darjeeling green (a thing I didn’t even know existed) to the spicy tulsi (one of my favorite herbal teas). Their latest offering is a Golden Tippy tea from Assam, a state just south of the Himalayas. Tippy teas contain a significant quantity of tiny, new-growth leaf buds, which are sweet and flavorful. I’m loving it with a splash of milk. —M.C.F.

Assam Golden Tippy Black Tea

Bona Furtuna Nero di Seppia Pasta 

Ever think, “Damn, this pasta is good, but I wish it were more goth”? We have the solution: squid ink rigatoni. Bona Furtuna’s new Nero di Seppia pasta is made with organic heirloom grains and gets its color and briny, umami-rich flavor from cuttlefish ink that is folded into the dough. Whether you go with the black rigatoni, black spaghetti, or black busiate, your pasta won’t get more Mediterranean than this. —T.H.

Black Cuttlefish Ink Busiate

Poketo x Crow Canyon Home Enamelware

I love enamelware because it’s equal parts nostalgia and function—sturdy enough to withstand decades of abuse but light enough to take camping. This new collab brings the playful patterns of lifestyle brand Poketo to the handmade enamelware of Crow Canyon Home. Choose among cups, mugs, a smallish serving bowl (big enough for side salad for two), and an adorable tray that would be just as handy for bathroom organization as it would be for a backyard app spread. —M.C.F.

Poketo x Crow Canyon Home Enamelware

Ember Travel Mug 2+

If you’re particular about your coffee and often take it on-the-go, you might appreciate the new smart heated Ember Travel Mug 2+. Like its predecessor—the Ember Travel Mug 2—it will not only keep your drink hot, but it’ll also allow you to customize and control its temperature via the sleek touchscreen display or from your smartphone. This new version is equipped with location capabilities (using Apple Find My), which can pinpoint the mug’s exact location so it never gets lost—even after you forget it at the office or it rolls into the abyss under the driver’s seat. —T.H.

Ember Travel Mug 2

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