Hydrate While You Caffeinate With Bluestone Lane and Vita Coco’s New Drink

Hydrate While You Caffeinate With Bluestone Lane and Vita Coco’s New Drink

I don’t mean to sound like a boomer or anything, but is it just me or have coffee drinks (lavender lattes, flat whites, shaken espressos) become a little overcomplicated lately? Don’t get me wrong, I am an oat milk latte drinker, but sometimes it just seems like each day we’re spending more time trying to avoid drinking coffee… as we drink our complicated coffee concoction of choice. If you’re looking for something new for your morning cuppa (but still want something simple), this new release from a cult-fave coffee shop might just scratch that itch. Bluestone Lane, the cafe originally from Melbourne, Australia, has teamed up with Vita Coco to launch a delightfully unexpected Coconut Water Cold Brew.

The combination of Bluestone Lane’s signature Flagstaff brew and Vita Coco’s Original Coconut Water, the new concoction is a “balanced and versatile brew…offering notes of toasted almond, vanilla, and milk chocolate.” The brand’s expert baristas determined the ideal balance of coconut water to coffee, rounding out the flavor profile with just a splash of house-made vanilla syrup. If you don’t already know—coconut water contains electrolytes and vitamins and nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin C, and contains less than 1% sugar. Depending on who you ask, it’s basically nature’s hangover cure. What does a hangover love more than electrolytes and some caffeine? A bacon egg and cheese sandwich (which, yes, you can also cop at one of Bluestone Lane’s full-service cafes). 

If you’re thinking, Okay but I could make that myself—go ahead, bucko. I’m sure you could, but it’s definitely going to take you a lot more time, energy, and cold hard clams than just stopping by your nearest Bluestone Lane cafe. But hey, even if you don’t live in a city with one of Bluestone Lane’s 59 (and counting) coffee shop locations, at least you can buy all of Bluestone Lane’s “ethically sourced, meticulously-roasted, sustainably-packaged coffee” online

Who knew that all our morning cuppa needed was a bit of coconut water?

Bluestone Lane and Vita Coco’s Coconut Water Cold Brew can be found at all Bluestone Lane cafe locations

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