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How to Get the Honest Input You Need from Your Employees

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  • Leaders often struggle to get complete, unfiltered information from the people around them. This wealth of unspoken information represents a great untapped resource for today’s leaders, and yet most remain at a loss for how to reliably access it. Common tactics for overcoming this problem, such as taking another’s perspective or reading their body language, simply aren’t sufficient. Research shows that if you want to learn what those around you really think, feel, and know, there’s only one reliable strategy: asking them. The author presents a five-step process for leaders to tap into the hidden insights of those around them.

    Ask any leader and they’ll tell you that actually getting valid and unfiltered information from those around them is one of their greatest obstacles. They suspect much of what they’re told is sugarcoated or incomplete. They know people have vital ideas, experiences, and feedback that would greatly benefit their organization, but can never tell if they’re getting the full and true story.

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