Google’s Android Auto Gets Updated With New Features

Google’s Android Auto Gets Updated With New Features

With Android Auto and Android Automotive, Google has played an increasingly important role on the screen of your car in recent years. Developments are of course not standing still and both systems are getting some new functions.

For those who are lost, Android Auto is Android’s way of displaying the contents of your phone on your car’s screen, similar to Apple’s Carplay. Android Automotive is a built-in infotainment system that can be purchased by car manufacturers themselves and is used by Volvo and Renault, among others. There are now news to report for both systems. Android Auto – the one with your phone, that is – will have the option to display apps from Webex and Zoom. So ‘conference calling’ from the car, and of course without a video image.

For Android Automotive, the news is more in the field of entertainment. The number of possible video apps is expanded here with Amazon Prime in cars from Volvo, Polestar, and Renault. Of course, safety is not forgotten here either: video viewing is intended for and is limited to stationary cars. In the same context, Google is also making a new internet browser available.

Owners of a car with Google Automotive are also treated to an app from ‘The Weather Channel’, which makes it possible to view not only the weather report on-site, but also the weather during a specific journey. is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria.
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