Friendly fire: Dr Disrespect rages at his own game after epic fail gets him killed

Friendly fire: Dr Disrespect rages at his own game after epic fail gets him killed

Dr Disrespect is notorious for his on-stream outbursts at games, but viewers were taken aback when he vented his fury at his own creation, DEADROP, yesterday.

In the Proving Ground: Atrium location on one of the title’s in-development maps, Doc attempted to grab a zipline, only to witness his character flail helplessly, failing to latch onto anything. To his shock and horror, he then saw his character plummet down multiple levels before meeting a certain death at the bottom.

“Grab it! Grab it! Grab the fucking zip line!” he yelled afterward in disbelief, leaping out of his chair in what appeared to be pure surprise.

Viewers immediately cracked jokes, suggesting the developer behind the DEADROP coding would be the first to face the axe. Some said it wasn’t the developer, but the zip lines themselves that were headed for the chopping block.

Doc didn’t comment on the mishap after his outburst. He shifted his attention back to the task at hand, continuing his battle against the rest of the lobby until he was eventually killed again. By that point, he had cooled down enough from the little zipline accident and managed not to explode in another burst of rage.

Some viewers in the two-time’s YouTube chat noted he didn’t criticize his own game as he would with others like Call of Duty. Instead, he praised it as “freaking awesome” soon after the zip line incident happened, which they thought was ironic.

Others were quick to point out DEADROP is still in early development. Being a key force behind it, Doc is well aware of that, which is probably why he bit his tongue.

The official release date for Deadrop hasn’t been unannounced yet. By the time it does launch, it’s likely devs will have fixed the zipline issue that upset the two-time.

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