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Elon Musk Will Not Stop Complaining About ‘Diablo 4’ Class Balance

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Elon Musk may run multiple billion dollar companies and one floundering social media site, but he makes plenty of time for gaming. Namely one game, Diablo 4.

Musk has been posting since launch about Diablo 4 consistently, and has used the game to test out Twitter’s (not good) livestream capabilities. But as of late he will not stop complaining about class balance in the game, and that is usually focused on his favorite class, Druid, which he’s run Tier 100 nightmare dungeons with on stream.

How much is he complaining? Under most Diablo Twitter posts, even when he may be complimenting them in the same tweet.

Druid buffs are his most frequent source of ire, as he believes they are underpowered compared to their competition. Here’s a collection:

  • “If you’re super fast and make no mistakes with a rogue, there is potential, given its agility, but Druid seems to be solidly bottom of the meta for now.”
  • “It’s a fun challenge, but some tweaks would be great. Would be nice to buff Druid a little. Seems to be the weakest character by far.”
  • “I will muddle along with my sub S Tier Druid (sigh)”
  • “Character balance sucks. You might as well rename the game from Diablo to Barbarian…”

Then there’s this post, which no one seems to understand, even Diablo devs themselves, I’ve been told:

There has been some level of controversy about Elon Musk being such a Diablo fanboy. It’s free advertising from one of the richest, high profile people on earth, and yet it’s also directly associating the game with a hugely controversial figure, constantly embattled in a new controversy daily, and who has become a right-wing fixture with his “free speech” Twitter decisions, as of this week restoring the account of Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, then going on a Twitter Spaces with him and accused rapist Andrew Tate. So is all press good press?

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In any case, Musk is right that most of the top builds, especially for something like Abattoir, are mostly Barbarian and other classes lag behind. And yet I have also seen my friend Moxsy do inhuman amounts of damage with certain druid builds, far beyond what other classes have been able to do in the past (and even consult with Musk on builds).

In any case, I would not expect Musk to put down Diablo 4 any time soon, as six months on, he’s still posting about it constantly, and from what we can tell, doesn’t seem to play much else. We’ll see if all his complaining leads to some druid buffs down the road. My seasonal druid…wouldn’t mind.

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