Diablo 4 fans hate new patch so much they’re getting refunds to buy Baldur’s Gate 3 early

Diablo 4 fans hate new patch so much they’re getting refunds to buy Baldur’s Gate 3 early

The Diablo 4 season one update is so abysmal that players are fed up with the lackluster content, horrendous queue times, and the neverending loading screens that they’re asking for refunds and are turning to Baldur’s Gate 3 instead.

No game is ever devoid of errors or issues. But, players begin to get fed when these errors are consistent and prevalent for hours after the launch of nearly every patch or update—and that’s what’s happening in Diablo 4 today.

Many players have taken to begging Blizzard to address the issues, which include server overloads, appallingly long queue times, crashes, and unbudgeable loading screens.

For many, even those of us who have been waiting over a decade for Diablo 4, there comes a moment when the consistent nerfs, bugs, and supposed balance changes all combine into one big breaking point, and bucketloads of players have hit that point today; so much so that they’re now requesting refunds to buy Baldur’s Gate 3.

“It’s not a decision I make lightly, but one driven by the desire to enjoy a seamless gaming experience that’s currently missing from Diablo 4,” one Baldur’s Gate convert wrote. Others simply wished each other luck with the switch.

I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more either. After reading the Diablo update in question and experiencing the same issues, I’m not as sad about taking a step back from Diablo 4 as I thought I would be, and that has been helped by Baldur’s Gate 3. Even though it is still in early access, it’s proving to be a very enjoyable RPG experience already.

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Despite our love for The Sanctuary, it’s not enough to keep most players unless the Diablo 4 devs address the prevalent issues ruining the game.

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