CS2 patch fixes worst movement penalty on Overpass alongside various bugs

CS2 patch fixes worst movement penalty on Overpass alongside various bugs

Counter-Strike 2 has only been out for everyone for mere days, and Valve is already improving the core gameplay with quick updates.

One of the biggest pain points for skilled CS2 players has been clunky movement, made even worse by running through mud textures, prominent on Overpass. Thankfully, a change has already been implemented in a patch released onto the CS2 servers on Oct. 2: no more being slowed down by running through mud.

While the mud textures have been updated, there might still be penalties while moving in water, a texture very prominent on Anubis.

Alongside the fix for the movement in mud, a bug with shader compilation has been fixed on everything but AMD: but Valve is working on addressing the AMD cards. Another substantial fix targeted massive problems when smoking a Molotov.

Since CS2 dropped, Valve has rapidly pushed four patches live.

Despite many very annoying issues remaining, Valve’s pace in fixing issues and bugs has been heartening to many players. CS2 isn’t as polished as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive became, and the new iteration of the franchise is far from perfect, but with time it will become one of the, if not the best shooter on the market.

CS2 Oct. 2 Patch Notes


  • Removed movement penalty on mud surfaces.


  • Fixed a bug with shader compilation when connecting to a server that was causing hitches after connecting. Note that these hitches may still exist on AMD GPUs; we are working with AMD to address this.


  • Fixed a bug where knife slashing couldn’t be interrupted with an inspect.


  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and gloves
  • Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would create a fire ring in the air
  • Improved performance of molotov/incendiary fire extinguishing
  • Various improvements to weapon dropping and throwing
  • Various crash fixes

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