Beijing Accessing Americans’ Financial Data?

Beijing Accessing Americans’ Financial Data?

Are Americans’ financial secrets finding their way into Beijing’s hands? Two Republican lawmakers are concerned about this issue. They’re demanding answers from the country’s top stock market regulators over whether Chinese-linked companies Webull Financial and Moomoo are complying with American laws—noting that if not, Americans’ personal data, like Social Security numbers and more, could be exposed.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Beijing Accessing Americans’ Financial Data?
  2. Defense Pros Talk Taiwan Defense Capability
  3. Taiwan: Unclear Who Would Aid the Island in a War
  4. Congress Pushes for Probe into China’s Shein
  5. Chinese exile censored on college campus
  6. UK Foreign Secretary Expects to Meet Top Chinese Official
  7. Nuclear Deterrence is to Avoid War: Capt. Fanell

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