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Atkins expands environment team

Atkins environment practice director Vicky Hutchinson

Atkins environment practice director Vicky Hutchinson

Atkins is introducing five new service lines to address issues related to climate change resilience, sustainability and global pressures for demand on resources.

The firm said that it was “set to make a fundamental shift” in how it delivers its services.

The new service lines are listed as: Nature-Based Solutions, Valuing a Sustainable Future, Carbon Advisory, Planning & Consenting, and Sustainability & Climate Resilience.

  • Nature Based Solutions will be led by Claire Neale as service line director. She joins Atkins from Southern Water.
  • Valuing a Sustainable Future is led by Philippa Ross.
  • Planning & Consenting is led by Andrew Jones.
  • Carbon Advisory is led by Paul Taylor.
  • Sustainability & Climate Resilience service line lead position has yet to be confirmed.

Atkins environment practice director Victoria Hutchinson said: “By working with clients much earlier in the project process, we can put environment and communities at the heart of the decision making, which ensures better outcomes and improved circumstances for people.

“This will help mitigate any project risks around time and budget and make sure clients get consentable solutions that are ready to go to site quickly.

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“It means meeting demand for new services, but also growing our existing consulting strategy and advisory services.

“We are bringing our understanding of client objectives and regulatory requirements, as well as our ability to rapidly assemble and interpret data sets, so we can take complex client projects and bring them together behind a coherent presentation of data. This demonstrates real long-term value across physical, environmental and social drivers.”

Dr Hutchinson added: “By finding new ways of looking at value we can help rebalance communities, create more opportunity for under-represented groups to participate in the economy, and identify nature-positive ways of stimulating growth. This should mean that overall we invest in infrastructure that creates better outcomes for communities and the environment.”

Mike McNicholas, managing director of Atkins’ Infrastructure division, said: “As a business we have undergone a process of re-imagining the role of our environment services in order to meet the ongoing challenges faced by clients. We have always been alive to the dynamics of the markets we operate in and the need to adapt to changing circumstances, and of course listening to our clients.

“As a result we have created new service lines to specifically address those issues faced by our clients, and have been proactive about getting the best people in place to head them up. The result is a holistic approach to projects that enables clients to make informed investment decisions and ensures all stakeholder groups fully understand the benefits of the approach, resulting in faster, better, greener project outcomes.”

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