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Apex Legends EMEA team makes history as the first team with two women in the pro league

For the first time in Apex Legends esports history, a team has competed with a majority-female roster in the SLHD. Kornelia “Sabz” Zawistowska and Kyri “Kyri” Taha played alongside David “AlphaDraft” Ciura on Phoenix Legacy, finishing in ninth place, placing higher than week one winners Element 6. 

Until Jan. 27, 2024, there had never been more than one woman competing in any region’s Pro League at a time. However, Phoenix Legacy’s new roster marks what many hope will be a sign of greater gender diversity in the ALGS. Luminosity Gaming’s “WeThePeople” remarked that Sabz and Kyri were “leading the way” for increased representation in the Pro League, admiring their ability to “inspire girls around the world.” 

Apex Legends pro player Sabz pictured on the ALGS analyst desk at the 2023 Split 2 Playoffs
Phoenix Legacy and TSM player Sabz on the analyst desk at the ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs. Photo by Joe Brady via Electronic Arts

NiceWigg, on the other hand, was more direct, declaring the two women to be absolute “demons” due to their skill. 

Despite Kyri competing in the ALGS for the first time that day, the team worked cohesively to overcome tough zone pulls, internet outages, and new team dynamics. She spoke to Dot Esports about the experience, crediting her teammates: “The games went pretty well – Alpha was an amazing IGL, guessing zones to the T. Sabz played a good Wattson as an anchor.” 

She also went on to detail how her own strengths completed the team dynamic, explaining, “Something people always say about me is how proactive my comms are as a fragger. I’m always communicating where we should peak and swing together.” 

Sabz is also signed to TSM’s women-only team, launched in January 2023 as a trailblazing initiative encouraging other tier-one organizations to invest in women’s Apex Legends. Since their women’s team began competing under the TSM banner, Luminosity Gaming has also invested in women-only rosters currently competing in dedicated tournament circuits. 

While Phoenix Legacy is the only pro league team with a female majority, the South American all-female team Capivara is currently competing in the regional circuit. EA demoted its South American league at the end of Year 4, prioritizing their new Chinese region. However, the team may still be able to qualify for ALGS LANs at the end of each split. 

While Year Four is already a year of historic firsts for women in the ALGS, these ladies are only just getting started. Kyri has teased a signing in the near future, and both women will continue competing in the EMEA region during Split One. 

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