American Horror Story: Delicate Will Premiere in Two Parts

American Horror Story: Delicate Will Premiere in Two Parts

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The 12th season of American Horror Story has a high bar to clear. In previous seasons, the show has covered aliens, the 2016 election, vampires, and even the apocalypse. The series has already been renewed through its 13th season, co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk will have to keep building upon the show’s terrifying and strange world with each new tale.

The new season stars two famous newcomers alongside one of the show’s regulars. Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne and Emma Roberts feature in Delicate, which follows a young actress who is determined to start a family, but then becomes convinced some outside force is working against her plans. The season is based on a novel by Danielle Valentine called Delicate Condition.

Each season of American Horror Story is as unpredictable as anything on TV; If you miss an episode, there’s no telling what major twists you could have spoiled for you when talking with your friends or scrolling through social media. And with Kim Kardashian starring, there’s no question the show will have online discourse around it (whether good or bad). You’ll want to keep up with this weekly series however you can.

Whether you watch shows on a streaming platform or have cable, there’s multiple ways to watch American Horror Story. It’s also worth noting the season will air in two parts, so there’ll be a break in the middle. Here’s where you can watch the show and when new episodes premiere.

How to watch American Horror Story: Delicate

American Horror Story: Delicate premieres on September 20 at 10 p.m. ET and will air on FX on Wednesdays, then stream on Hulu on Thursdays.

When is the next episode of American Horror Story: Delicate?

The next episode of American Horror Story Delicate premieres on September 27.

How many episodes of American Horror Story: Delicate are left?

There are 4 episodes left in part one of the 12th season of American Horror Story. As part two is not out yet, it’s unclear how many episodes are left or when they will return.

When will American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two premiere?

The second half of the season will premiere in 2024.

Here’s the complete release schedule for American Horror Story: Delicate.

Part One

Episode 1: Now Streaming on Hulu as of September 21

Episode 2: Airs on FX on September 27, Streaming on Hulu on September 28

Episode 3: Airs on FX on October 5, Streaming on Hulu on October 6

Episode 4: Airs on FX on October 12, Streaming on Hulu on October 13

Episode 5: Airs on FX on October 18, Streaming on Hulu on October 19

Part Two:

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