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Amazon Is Selling Its Echo Buds for up to 39% Off Ahead of Prime Day

Since its beginning as a humble online bookstore, Amazon has started producing its own tech, everything from smart home speakers to streaming sticks and e-readers. The online retailer also offers an affordable lineup of wireless earbuds that, among other things, include noise cancelation and quick access to Alexa. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, Amazon is taking up to 39 percent off its Echo Buds for Prime members before Prime Day officially kicks off in a couple of weeks.

Amazon Echo Buds with Noise Cancelation (2nd Gen)

Echo Buds with Noise Cancelation (2nd Gen)

Amazon Echo Buds with Noise Cancelation (2nd Gen)

Now 39% Off

There are two options: The Echo Buds with Active Noise Cancellation, which are now $85 (down from $140), and the trimmed-down Echo Buds without ANC, which are only $35 (down from $50). The Echo Buds with ANC feature a shortened nozzle, so they don’t protrude from your ears as much. They also come with a plethora of silicone ear tips and wing tips, making it easy to dial the fit in for your ear.

You also get quick access to Alexa and customizable tap controls for music, phone calls, and more.

With ANC enabled, the Echo Buds last for approximately five hours, according to Amazon, or 6.5 hours with ANC and hands-free Alexa disabled. Like Apple’s AirPods Pro, the Echo Buds have vents, which can reduce pressure in your ears. The vented design also helps with the passthrough mode should you want to let in ambient noise if you need awareness of your surroundings.

On the sound front, the Echo Buds with ANC feature 5.7-millimeter drivers, which Amazon says are optimized for an increased fidelity in bass and treble. You can tune the audio to your preferences. Other features include IPX4 sweat resistance and the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously, so putting your phone down and picking up your tablet doesn’t have to interrupt your listening.

Amazon Echo Buds Earbuds

Echo Buds Earbuds

Amazon Echo Buds Earbuds

Now 30% Off

The Echo Buds without ANC feature a traditional AirPod-like design, with a small stem protruding from the earbuds. This model isn’t as robust in features and sound quality as its ANC-rocking cousin. Still, the price makes them difficult to ignore (especially on sale). For only $35, you get wireless earbuds that offer five hours of music playback (20 total hours with the charging case) and the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously.

You also get quick access to Alexa and customizable tap controls for music and phone calls. The earbuds include 12-millimeter drivers for what Amazon claims is “rich sound and balanced bass.”

In addition to the Echo Buds, Amazon is offering other early sales on headphones ahead of Prime Day, including 20 percent off the second-generation AirPods Pro.

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