A Rumored Smaller Atreus ‘God Of War’ Game Sounds Great

A Rumored Smaller Atreus ‘God Of War’ Game Sounds Great


Sony Santa Monica

Some rumors are bad (Naughty Dog remastering The Last of Us Part II), some rumors are better, like this one, which claims that Sony Santa Monica may be working on a smaller adventure in the God of War universe.

This came up in a recent conversation about “half-games” along the lines of Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Leaker ViewerAnon chimed in to talk about Ragnarok DLC or a half-sequel in the works. Many believe this would be a story about Atreus specifically, in the vein of Lost Legacy or something like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a concept which has worked out well for Sony with two of its biggest franchises, as we can see.

An Atreus game makes a lot of sense, both narratively and gameplay-wise. God of War had large sections of the game where you played as Atreus, a “bow main,” as it were, with bonus mystic powers including actually transforming into a bear. He is Loki, after all, capable of all sorts of tricks and spells. So, much of that gameplay for the character has already been created, and it would just have to be expanded upon.

God of War Ragnarok

Sony Santa Monica

Past that, God of War Ragnarok ended with (spoilers) Atreus splitting from Kratos in order to explore “lands outside the Nine Realms” in order to find the rest of the giants. It seems logical that this game could be the events of that adventure, and that perhaps it would eventually lead Atreus back to Kratos for the next full God of War game, in however many years that’s meant to come out. The Norse saga for Kratos is over after these two games, and it appears the next journey would throw him into a different realm with a new set of gods. I do wonder if the game would somehow find a way to return to Greek mythology eventually, despite all the, you know, dead gods over there. It’s fantasy! People get resurrected!

I think the general idea is that most players would rather continue to play content in these universes, even at a lesser scale, rather than wait 5+ years for full sequels. Both Lost Legacy and Miles Morales were very well received. Miles Morales specifically grew Spider-Man’s storyline to the point where both characters are now playable and co-starring in the sequel. So these kinds of games can actually significantly benefit future full projects as well.

So no, I am not a fan of infinitely remastering old projects. I am a fan of these cheaper, smaller, high quality “half-games” that Sony has been making, and I hope this Atreus one becomes a reality.

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