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15 Best Meal Delivery Services of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Whether you are looking for quick weeknight dinners or more adventurous entrées.

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All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Thinking about reworking your dinner routine in the new year? Dedicating a little time to finding the best meal delivery services for you can be a great way to avoid some of the stresses (and time-sucks) of home cooking, like grocery shopping, meal prepping, and recipe-seeking. And depending on the brand, the benefits can even extend beyond convenience; a meal kit subscription may help broaden your taste palate or level up your kitchen skills. There’s a wide variety of meal delivery options to consider, so we broke down the best ones to try and why they’re worth it.

How SELF tests meal kits

We spoke with registered dietitians to help guide the criteria for choosing the right meal delivery service. Then we purchased all of the meal kits listed and tested each for a full week’s worth of meals. We based our review on customization, affordability, nutrition profile, delivery process, and overall taste and satisfaction before arriving at our rating. A meal kit service that received a rating of 7 or higher (out of 10) is considered SELF Certified, meaning they’re ones we definitely recommend you give a try. Ones with lower but still mid-range scores offered some advantages, along with a few drawbacks, which we outlined for each.

The best meal delivery services of 2023

As mentioned, all of these meal delivery services have been tested and reviewed by SELF staffers, who followed our meal kit shopping guide.

  1. Best Overall: Home Chef
  2. Best for the Busy Person: Gobble
  3. Most Eco-Friendly: Green Chef
  4. Most Established: Blue Apron
  5. Most Customizable: Territory
  6. Best Value: EveryPlate
  7. Best for the Picky Eater: Hungryroot
  8. Best for Plant-Based Meals: Sunbasket

Read on to learn more about our top picks for meal kits, as well as a few other services popular among shoppers (including Marley Spoon, Dinnerly, Misfits Market, Purple Carrot, CookUnity, and HelloFresh).

All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Rating: 9/10

Why we like it: Every week, Home Chef allows you to choose from nearly a dozen delicious meals that cater to your needs and skill level. Its cooking difficulty ranges from easy to advanced, and its services offer the option to omit ingredients like dairy, nuts, soy, wheat, and more. You can also select recipes based on goals like eating more fresh ingredients or saving time in the kitchen. The menus are set five weeks ahead, so you can plan for dinner well in advance. Our reviewer tried Home Chef firsthand and praised how easy and satisfying the service was to use: “I don’t have to do the shopping, ingredients are precisely measured so that I can toss them in without fuss, and when I’m done, a magazine-worthy meal is left on my plate in its sweet, savory glory.”

Meal examples: Apple and goat cheese flatbread; lemon cream and spinach sausage spaghetti; cornmeal crusted shrimp po’boy.

Cost: Meals start at $10 per serving. The weekly order minimum is $51 for a standard Home Chef plan (one to three meals, with two servings per meal), and $83 for a Family Plan (at least 10 meals, with four servings per meal). Shipping is included.

Availability: Nationwide.

2. Best for the Busy Person: Gobble

Rating: 6/10

Why we like it: Meal kits inherently solve a common problem in any busy person’s life: the lack of time to plan, shop for, and cook dinner. But Gobble takes it a step further by doing all of the prep work for you. That means each kit includes pre-portioned ingredients like already-peeled vegetables, requires minimal to no chopping, and goes from pan to plate in only about 15 minutes. It’s almost as low-effort as ordering in from a local restaurant—and often even quicker to put together. Plus we love that Gobble includes specialty menu options for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian meals, and it also has family-friendly options that cater to picky eaters. In her review of Gobble for SELF, our tester noted that her recipes “tasted like something from a cozy neighborhood restaurant,” and added that they were comforting and quick. However, she thought some of the meals were a little light on veggies and protein (which means a less-balanced meal). She also found the lunch options to be limited and not super satisfying.

Meal examples: Mediterranean fattoush salad with green harissa dressing; Vietnamese chicken soup with rice noodles and aromatic herbs; seared steak with creamed spinach and loaded potatoes.

Cost: Two-person plans start at $68 for two meals per week; four-person plans start at $104 for two meals per week. Shipping is an additional $9.

Availability: Nationwide, excluding Montana and with limited service in Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Rating: 6/10

Why we like it: For the environmentally conscious diner, Green Chef offers USDA-certified organic meal kits, which feature sustainably-sourced organic ingredients from traceable farmers and suppliers. They also provide useful guides to show you how to reuse, recycle, and compost its packaging whenever possible. The company offers plans for a host of dietary preferences, including carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more. The recipe cards are easy to follow and designed to take just 30 minutes to make. You’ll also find there are three meal-size options: two, four, or six people. In SELF’s Green Chef review, our tester wrote that this brand’s meals can definitely help you break out of a cooking rut, but they tend to require a lot of cookware (which means more cleanup later). She also noted there was a lack of variety in some of the dishes—for instance, a lot of the meals she tried relied heavily on rice.

Meal examples: Caribbean-spiced tilapia with mango salsa; beef and sweet potato taco skillet; harvest salad with chicken and bacon.

Cost: Meals start at $13 per serving. The weekly order minimum is $81 for three meals for two people. Shipping is an additional $11.

Availability: Contiguous United States

Rating: 6/10

Why we like it: Blue Apron’s recipes are designed to keep cooking and prep time down to an average of 45 minutes. If you’re not a meat eater, Blue Apron has a vegetarian dinner option for its two-person plan and offers Beyond Meat boxes, so you can whip up meatless burgers at home. They also offer a monthly wine subscription service that pairs specially sized bottles with your meals. In SELF’s Blue Apron review, our tester found the recipes easy to follow with generally tasty results. However, she noted that some of the meals could be on the bland side.

Meal examples: Oven-baked Korean eggs and rice; mushroom farrotto; sweet and spicy chicken thighs.

Cost: Two-person plans start at $61 for two meals per week ($12 per serving); four-person plans start at $91 for two meals per week ($10 per serving). Shipping is an additional $11.

Availability: Contiguous United States

Rating: 7/10

Why we like it: If you’re looking for heat-and-serve dinners with bigger portion sizes than typical prepared meal delivery services provide, Territory may be exactly what you need. The company operates across smaller geographical areas in the United States—rather than nationwide—which means it can deliver fresher and more flexible meals, albeit over a more limited swath of the country.

Territory’s menus offer a ton of customization based on your dietary preferences or restrictions (including vegan, carb-conscious, plant-based, low-fat, whole30, paleo, pescatarian, keto-friendly, and Mediterranean meal options). While most meal services deliver once per week, Territory allows you to get two shipments every week, which means the meals will be at their absolute freshest when they show up at your door. There are more than 35 dishes at your disposal, all of which are developed by registered dietitians and crafted by local chefs. SELF’s tester tried Territory firsthand and said, “The food was tasty, very aligned to my dietary needs, and filling. If you’re looking for a well-rounded, nutrition-packed takeout alternative, Territory is a very solid choice.”

Meal examples: Ginger curry beef with lemon rice and sautéed spinach; arrabbiata sausage and peppers with sautéed zucchini; garden baked eggs with sweet potato hash.

Cost: Most meals start at $14 each, though exact prices per meal will range depending on your location. The UPS shipping fee ranges from $12 to $18.

Availability: The East Coast, west Chicago, Texas, and select parts of the West Coast.

Rating: 7/10

Why we like it: EveryPlate can suit a wide range of budgets and schedules with meals that clock in under $10 and take around 30 minutes to make. Choose from 26 different options each week and filter by family favorites, quick and easy options, or plant-based dishes. There are also tasty add-ons like garlic bread and Caesar salad that you can include in your order. SELF’s tester described EveryPlate as a relatively “budget-friendly meal delivery service” with easy-to-follow recipes. Her main issue was with the packaging: The ingredients aren’t separated by recipe, which can make unpacking and prepping confusing.

One more thing to note is that EveryPlate doesn’t consistently offer meals for special diets or allergies, so be sure to read your recipes’ ingredient lists carefully if you’re avoiding anything specific.

Meal examples: BBQ pineapple pork bowls; black bean and pepper jack tostadas; zesty herb-rubbed salmon.

Cost: Two-person plans start at $45 for three meals per week; four-person plans start at $70 for three meals per week. Shipping is an additional $10.

Availability: Contiguous United States

Rating: 8/10

Why we like it: Hungryroot is a meal kit that’s also kind of a grocery store. Your monthly subscription gives you a set amount of credits that you can use across its site on recipes, snacks, and pantry items. The recipe section is similar to most other meal kit experiences: You choose a dish, then Hungryroot provides all the necessary ingredients and a recipe guide. It also allows you to modify each meal to fit your tastes. For example, if you’d rather have Beyond meat instead of turkey in a dish, you can make that swap. This easy-to-edit approach creates a customizable experience, with the ability to fully tailor meals to your liking.

In her Hungryroot review, SELF’s tester found it to be the ideal all-in-one meal and grocery delivery service. “If you’re looking to save time on grocery shopping and food preparation like me (and so many others), you still want food that tastes comforting and fresh, and you’re at all health-conscious, I definitely recommend giving Hungryroot a go,” she wrote.

Meal examples: Tomatoey seared scallops and polenta; chicken dumplings and veggies with yuzu dipping sauce; cheesy Parm meatballs and garlic bread.

Cost: Plans start at $65 per delivery, plus $7 for shipping if you spend below $70 (and free above $70).

Availability: Contiguous United States

8. Best for Plant-Based Meals: Sunbasket

Rating: 6/10

Why we like it: The folks behind Sunbasket prioritize high-quality ingredients above all else, and it shows. The produce is organic, the meat is antibiotic-free with no added hormones, and the seafood is fresh-caught or raised sustainably. Sunbasket has a variety of dinner options for people who eat vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. (You can opt to mix and match recipes from all of these different menus in a single order.) In SELF’s Sunbasket review, our tester noted that these plant-forward meals always arrived fresh and their recipes were “blissfully easy to follow.”

And for the people who are really short on time, Sunbasket also offers single-serving prepared meals on its Fresh & Ready menu—they arrive precooked, so you just have to reheat and serve.

Meal examples: Thai-style spicy yuba noodle soup with potatoes and bell pepper; spinach saag paneer with basmati rice; Black Angus steaks with Brussels sprouts and chipotle-mustard vinaigrette.

Cost: Fresh & Ready meals start at $10 per serving; meal kits start at $11 per serving.

Availability: Nationwide, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, and parts of New Mexico.

More Meal Delivery Services to Consider

There are many more top-selling meal kits beyond those we’ve tested so far. Below, find a few of the most popular ones with an overview of each service’s offerings and availability.

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon ships Martha Stewart-approved recipes and ingredients that can help you build some new culinary skills (and impress anyone who’s lucky enough to be your guest). The company promises that each meal takes less than 30 minutes of prep time with a max of six steps to follow.

Meal examples: Coffee rubbed steak and chimichurri; Greek lemon soup with ready to heat chicken; creamy ricotta and mushroom cannelloni.

Cost: Two-person plans start at $64 for two meals per week; four-person plans start at $96 for two meals per week. Shipping is an additional $12.

Availability: Contiguous United States.

Dinnerly bills itself as the “affordable meal kit,” with meals starting at $5. Each week, you can choose from over 100 five-step recipes, many of which you can customize if you wish to make substitutions (say, swapping beef for chicken or vice versa). The company also has a “market,” so you can add additional ready-to-heat meals, snacks, desserts, and breakfast items to your box.

Meal examples: Pan-roasted pork cutlets; miso-glazed sweet potatoes; brown butter-za’atar tilapia and orzo

Cost: Two-person plans start at $39 for three meals per week; four-person plans start at $67 for three meals per week. Shipping is an additional $8.

Availability: Contiguous United States.

Misfits Market is a great option for anyone who’s concerned about food waste. The grocery delivery service sources and sends boxes of seasonal produce, proteins, and dairy products passed over by stores because of their uneven appearance or that were part of an excess supply. These items are sold for as much as 40% less than they might be at your traditional supermarket, Misfits says. The company offers a weekly grocery plan that pre-selects products for you, as well as an à la carte plan, so you can choose your own.

Cost: The order minimum is $30, plus $7 for shipping.

Availability: Contiguous United States.

If you prefer a plant-based diet, consider Purple Carrot, which stocks veggie-heavy, high-protein dinners and breakfasts that are easy to prepare (or even come oven-ready). There are all sorts of delightful dishes and snacks for anyone who’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or looking for a diabetes-friendly meal delivery service.

Meal examples: Italian butter bean stew with croutons and Parmesan kale; creamy peanut noodles with gingered green beans and lime; green veggie burgers with tzatziki and garlic fries.

Cost: Weekly meal plans start at $80 for three meals with two servings per meal. There’s also an option for one-serving, oven-ready dishes (each meal costs $13). Shipping is an additional $10 for orders under $99.

Availability: Contiguous United States.

Bring fine dining into your home with CookUnity’s premade meals—all created by top chefs, including James Beard Award winners and Food Network alums. The only work you have to do is stick your dish in the oven. The company tailors entrees for all sorts of diets (like paleo, vegan, and keto).

Meal examples: Pulled BBQ chicken with collard greens; lamb kebab with turmeric hummus and roasted sweet potatoes; seared steak with horseradish cream with oven-roasted Brussels sprouts.

Cost: Plans start at $14 per meal for four meals per week.

Availability: Nationwide (check to see if your zip code is included).

Meet the something-for-everyone meal delivery service. Reviewers love HelloFresh’s wide assortment of plans and meal preferences, which covers quick and easy, family friendly, veggie, and more. Each recipe is ranked by difficulty, so you can pick something that sharpens or matches your skill level (with easy options that avoid cooking entirely).

Meal examples: Coconut curry with chickpeas; apricot ponzu chicken; one-pan turkey stir-fry tacos.

Cost: Two-person plans start at $50 for two meals per week; four-person plans start at $78 for two meals per week. Shipping costs depend on where you live.

Availability: Nationwide, including select zip codes in Honolulu, Hawaii and Anchorage, Alaska.

Splendid Spoon’s dishes require very little effort (just a quick heat-up) to whip up a highly flavorful, enjoyable meal. Their pre-made options include soups, stews, and rice and noodles—or you can choose from a variety of fruity juices and high-protein smoothies.

Meal examples: Red lentil dal soup with cumin and rosemary; creamy butternut squash noodles with broccoli and turmeric; hearty vegetable bolognese with wild rice and garlicky green beans.

Cost: Smoothies start at $10 per serving; soups start at $12; noodles and other dishes start at $13. Orders of 10 meals or more ship for free.

Availability: Contiguous United States


How to choose the right meal kit delivery service for you

On the most practical level, the meal kit you choose should suit your budget and schedule. Luckily, if you need a flexible subscription, the majority of services make it easy to skip and pause deliveries. Some even allow you to change the number of meals you receive every week. Other factors to consider are your dietary preferences and any potential dietary restrictions. You can find brands that spotlight vegetarian and vegan meals, filter weekly menus based on your allergies, use certain ingredients, and offer on-the-go menu items like soups, smoothies, and frozen meals. Beyond that, it’s a matter of, well, taste. You may need to try out a couple brands before you find the one that works for you.

You can also shop with your idea of healthy eating in mind: Though what this means is super individualized, it could look like prioritizing nutritious ingredients, satisfying servings, or even delicious, joyful dishes. So whether you’re incredibly busy, exploring a more plant-based diet, interested in eating local, looking to find more pleasure in home-cooked meals, or some combination thereof—you can likely find a meal kit that’ll satisfy your needs.

SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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